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Storefronts Near You



So What's Included in this Package?


  • HMLLC historians will research your property to gather information on its history.


  • We will create up to a two-minute video depicting the building's history and events formatted for web and "smart" cellular telephone or tablet use.


  • A window placard will be created for display at your store with embedded QR (Quick Response) code.


  • A web page on this site will be created for your store and hosted by HMLLC. Your video, your information, and link to your store's web page will be included.




Add to your town's history with current technology.


Potential customers will stop more frequently and for longer periods of time at your storefront.

Higher percentage of walk in traffic with increased sales potential.



365 days a year and 24 hours a day advertisement for your store for little more than a newspaper ad.