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So what is Storefront Stories ?

The premise began from a local businessman in the Historic Downtown area of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

While sharing a corner area with his business display at a local Civil War relic show he began to talk with the partners of Heritage Media, LLC who were manning a booth next to him.

One thing led to another. Heritage Media, LLC began to develop the idea with local merchants and created some video demonstrations.

In a focus group, other area business men and women were introduced to the concept; they absolutely loved it. 

By simply scanning the QR (Quick Response) code with a smart phone or tablet the visitor views a short two minute video of the that particular store's history.

Storefront Stories brings more of the area's history to the forefront and entices potential customer to visit the stores displaying the placard.

Give it a Try

Scan the QR code below and watch the historical video of this particular storefront.

The store is now not just another place to shop, it's a destination that everyone will want to see!