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So What are the Specifics?

First Year/Set Up

  • There is a one time charge for researching, writing script, producing and editing the video.

Included in the first year charge is that years fee for creating, maintaining, and hosting your stores web page on our "Storefront Stories" master web site. This includes information on your business as well as the video, and a link to your stores established web site. The "Storefront Stories" web site is also linked to our www.heritagemediallc.com site. You already get 24/7 - 365 days a year advertising!


  • A first year one time charge for creating your store's window placard with QR code.


Following Years

  • An annual fee for the maintaining, and hosting of your stores web page and video on our "Storefront Stories" master web site.



"With the cost of newspaper ads as they are and the limited time they run you will find the pricing of this product to be surprisingly affordable and far exceeds the print ad return on investment".

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"With this product taking off the way it is you can not afford to miss it. Your competitors certainly won't".

First Year/Set Up

*The one time cost of producing the up to 2 minute video inclusive of the first years web site fee averages $500.00

The cost of creating your store window placard inclusive of generating a QR code is $35.00

The Following Years

The annual fee for creating, hosting, and maintaining your web page is $125.00

"So this means after your one time video cost your paying about one quarter of the cost for a limited newspaper add each year for unlimited exposure!"


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*(Video prices are subject to change dependent upon your location if extensive travel is required)